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Finding Best Laptop Accessories

Essential laptop accessories are the things you should never forget to carry with you, as you never know when you might need them.

  • Laptop Bags: To carry your laptop anywhere, you need a bag. A laptop has to be protected from dust, rain, and the Sun. A bag can serve this purpose. There is a wide variety to choose from. You should specifically select a light, waterproof bag. Backpacks are also available and are a good option for students. You also get designer laptop bags and briefcases. You may even go for mini laptop sleeves.
  • Power Adapter: Power adapters for laptops are like fuel for bikes. Laptop batteries need charging. And for charging, you need a power adapter. Choose one which suits your laptop best. CyberPower is one of the popular brands in this category.
  • Security Cables: Security cables are the cheapest, as well as the easiest way, to protect a laptop from theft. All you have to do is secure your laptop with a security cable. To attach the cable, a slot is required, which is present in almost all laptops. It is known as the Universal Security Slot.
  • Mobile Printer: Searching for a printer can sometimes be tedious, especially when you can’t afford to waste a single minute. In such situations, a mobile printer can be of great help. With a printer in your bag, you can print anything, anywhere.
  • UPS: With a UPS, you don’t have to worry about power cuts.

Top Accessories

  • USB Drive: With a USB drive, there is no need to worry about losing data. Even if you keep the laptop at home, and only take the USB flash drive with you, you will have all the data on your computer, with you.
  • Cell Phone USB Adapters: This accessory is for people who cannot survive without cell phones. In your hectic schedule, if you don’t get time to charge your cell phone, don’t worry. USB adapters will do it for you. At the same time, you can work on your laptop.
  • Wireless Optical Mouse: Touchpads can sometimes be inconvenient to use, or they may not work. To avoid this, carry a wireless optical mouse in your backpack.
  • Laptop Cooling Pad: To avoid overheating, laptop cooling pads are the best option. Belkin is the most popular brand.
  • Laptop Headset: Some people like me, cannot work without music and it is not right to disturb the people around. So, for music freaks, a laptop headset is a boon. Just connect the headset to your notebook computer and enjoy non-stop music.
  • StashCard: StashCard is a separate compartment under a laptop, which can be used for storage.
  • TV Tuner: Enjoy all your favorite programs on your laptop, with the help of a TV tuner card.
  • Privacy Screen: This screen can help protect your privacy, while working on the laptop.

Choosing Your Wireless Mouse

download-8Although laptops are facing some fierce competition with tablet devices, the laptop is a device that is still needed and desired by many techies and professionals. Many newer model laptops come equipped with features such as bluetooth. One accessory most laptop users can not do without is the mouse. Touch pads are of great use, but the mouse is the input device that will allow you to play games and use many programs with precision and control not offered by your built-in touch pad.

Wireless input devices such as mice offers more flexibility over your wired mouse because you don’t have to get frustrated with the wire getting in your way or entangled with items or your desk. Wrapping up the mouse cord can be another annoying feature of these wired mice. For those dedicated users of technology who are using a late-model laptop, you can still enjoy the use of a mouse without the wires. In my experience, I prefer Logitech or Kensington wireless mice. When choosing to go without the wires on a mouse, I would avoid using those mice defined as micro. These small devices can be somewhat frustrating to use if you have medium to large size hands, If your hands are small or the device is for a child, then a micro wireless mouse would make sense.

Many vendors have wireless mice with micro receivers, these are a great investment because these small receivers will fit nearly flush with side of the laptop while plugged into the USB port. You can leave these micro receivers plugged into your laptop and your wireless mouse will reconnect when your laptop is powered on. When choosing your new wireless mouse for your new or older model laptop, I would recommend choosing a device that offers the micro receiver.

Remember to select a wireless mouse that feels comfortable in your hands and one that will shut off automatically when not in use for an extended period.


Ways to Reset Computer to Factory Settings

It is a very basic task to know how to reset computer to factory settings. While it takes a pretty long time, you can be assured that anyone can do it. It is often a last try to get your PC to work properly as before. Bear in mind that while this process works for some, it may or may not work for the other. If it does, well and good; if it doesn’t, it is time to invest in a new PC instead of messing about with the restoring again. This article will give the main reasons and how to go about doing it.

The Need to Reset

  • In case of a virus attack on your machine, sometimes, the best way of getting rid of it to reset the device to default settings. As it cleans out the whole drive, it cleans out the viruses as well.
  • The second common reason is, may be your machine has gone too slow or isn’t running properly.
  • If you are looking to sell your old PC, then again, you would want to retain the factory settings so that the new user gets a clean disk. It is one of the answers to the question how to clean computer hard drive.


Without a CD

If your PC is really old, then there are chances that you’ve probably misplaced the CD by now. Don’t worry, because this process can be carried out without the CD as well.

  • Take a backup of all the files as mentioned in step one in the previous paragraph.
  • Restart your machine, and press F1 a few times as soon as the blank screen appears. The blank screen appears just when you turn on the PC.
  • Pressing the F1 button will take you to the setup configuration mode, which allows you to change the settings.
  • In the menu, you will find an option for resetting the PC to factory settings. Select the option.
  • As in the earlier case, this process to can take a few hours.

With a CD

  • If you happen to still have the CD, which came with your machine when you purchased it, this job becomes very easy. Here’s how to do it with a CD.
  • Get a backup of all your important files on a DVD or a USB drive or your friend’s hard disk. This is because, this process will erase your drive, and you may end up losing some very important documents. So, get a backup of your stuff first.
  • Now, insert the CD in the CD drive. The PC will then run the CD and ask you if you want to restore computer to factory settings.
  • Click on ‘yes’, and be patient as the rebooting begins. The process could take a few hours, but once it is over, your machine will be as good as new.



Setting Up Windows after Restore

  • After the machine restarts, in the “Set up Windows Screen”, click Next.
  • In the ‘Please read the license terms’ screen, select the ‘I accept the license terms’ check box for each item, and then click ‘Next’.
  • In the ‘Choose a user name and picture’ window, enter your information, and then click ‘Next’.
  • Type a computer name, and choose a desktop background screen, and then click ‘Next’.
  • In the ‘Help protect Windows automatically’ window, click ‘Use recommended settings’.
  • Set up your time and date settings in the window. Click ‘Next’.
  • In the ‘Select your computer’s current location’ screen, click Home.
  • In the ‘Thank You’ screen, click Start.
  • Windows will now check your machine’s performance. This may take several minutes.
  • Windows will finish preparing the desktop and complete the Restore process.
  • Once Windows has shown the desktop, the Restore process is complete. This is how one must restore computer without CD. The technique varies with different brands, like Asus, HP, Toshiba, Dell, Acer, etc.

Things to do Post-Restore

  • Update Drivers.
  • Download and install your Security Software.
  • Copy your saved files.
  • Download programs, such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Adobe Shockwave, Java, etc.
  • Reinstall all the other essential software.

Nowadays, laptops come with a ‘reset factory settings’ button, so the job becomes even simpler, as you can do it with the touch of a button! This is a fairly simple job, only, it is a little time-consuming. But at the end of it, you’ll have your machine as good as new!